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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When it rains . . .


It's raining in Washington, can't you tell?


it actually is raining!

In fact, it seems like it's always raining!!! 



This is how we get through these rainy bluey days:

 We show off what Grandma made us!!

Grandma made me a few headbands and I love them! Don't you love the no shower look? Im pretty good at it!

And some dishrags! I think these are beautiful. I LOVE pretty things in the kitchen, makes me actually want to wash the dishes! (not really, I still love when you do them Cyril!)   : P

 Not only are they dishrags, they are Kombucha covers. :) Makes my counters so pretty. Can you tell we are reeeeaaaally bored? hehe
They are even beautiful in the sink. :) Admits all those dishes I love.



Thank you Grandma!


(If you want to do something productive with your boredom, check this story out. Pretty cool, eh?)

Now for the kid's boredom: 

This is what you do with a hat, right?


No actually, this is what you do with it.

My laid back little lover

Don't forget to check out Gianna's fingernails, they are all the rage these days!


  1. Robert says, "wow Sarah, You are really bored..."

  2. haha, because the sun doesn't shine!!