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Who We Are

This is Mom and Dad:

Pretty good looking, don't you think?

Mom and Dad have eleven children. The first 6 of us were born in 6 years. YES! We were once stepping stones if you lined us all up. People would constantly ask our parents, are they all yours??? Yes, one Mom and Dad, eleven kids! Kind've crazy but so much fun!

Robert, the eldest. Married to Elise. They have three beautiful children, Robert Joseph, Joyce Philomena and William Joseph.
William is the newest addition to the family.

Clare, married to Brian. 
They have one sweet little girl, Adeline Felicity.

Sarah, married to Cyril.
Studying Theology at Catholic Distance University. Sarah loves everything that has to do with food, homemaking and crafting. She blogs at Basic Ingredients. Sarah's favorite saint? St. Gianna because of her passion and joy for life, even to the point of death.
Cyril, a Canadian with a communications degree from Franciscan University - enjoys a good read about eschatology and is passionate about hockey. Put the two together and you will have a dynamic conversation!
Cyril and Sarah have two feisty kids, Gianna Magdalene and Peter Allan. It is true, redheads live up to their reputation.

Joseph Peter Junior.
Served as a Recon Marine for four years and will be attending the University of North Carolina for mechanical engineering.
Joseph is passionate about the paleo diet and is landscaping at the moment while spending at much time with his son, Maximilian Joseph.
Joseph's favorite saint: St. Maximilian Kolbe because he sacrificed his life for man who had a family.

Senior at Ave Maria University

Sister Mary Rose,
a novice with the Servant Sisters of
You can read more about her entrance and see pictures from these post:
"Sister, Sisters . . ."
"One Habit we Hope she Doesn't Break!"
"Sweet Mary Rose"

a sophomore at Northern Virginia Community College -
studying to be certified as a welder. "Because they make money and I like the work." Patrick sometimes works along side Dad and Stephen.
Has the aspirations of owning his own business someday.
Patrick's favorite saint: St. Dominic Savio because even though he had a hard short life, he was brave and not afraid to do what was right.

Stephen, a junior in high school -
currently rebuilding a '64 Impala as his first car. In his words, "I got it for free. This guy dumped it at our house and I love it! It needs a lot of work . . ."
Stephen's favorite saint: St. Isaac Jogues because he was courageous and never gave up on the Iroquois Indians.

in junior high

in junior high

Last but certainly not least! Going into 5th grade.


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2012

    Beautiful! I love you all so much! God bless you! Marcelle

  2. Looks great, Sarah. We ARE a good looking family, aren't we :) Love every single one of ya!

  3. Hehe, I always thought so but now that the boys are getting older, man!